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This is the wiki for Pellas, a homebrew DnD setting.

As we all build this world together, please add information about regions, races, legends, or anything else that you contributed to! Also, pictures are pretty.

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Resources Edit

Here is a Google Drive link with all 3 core D&D books as well as extra character sheets. The Player's Handbook has all the info you need on how the game, your class, and levelling up works. The Dungeon Master's Guide has resources for creating stats for new races, designing NPCs and tips on how to run the game (which hopefully you all will). The Monster Manual has all the creature stats. Enjoy! And respect the pirate's code and keep this on the D.L.

Here is another great resource, it's a website with searchable spell lists by class and category, random generators, and all sorts of other useful things:

And lastly, here is something we should have found ages ago- spell cards organized by class. These have the potential to save us so. much. time.

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